Every tour participant will be expected to read and sign a copy of our endemnity & code of conduct:

Participation on a tour conducted by TRAVEL UNCHARTED TOURS CC

I, ,………………………………………………………………………… the under signed and occupants of the vehicle hereby warrant and acknowledge:

  1. That my general health is good and that there is no ailment which renders me unfit to undertake the tour.
  2. That I understand and appreciate fully that I may be subjected to risks, hazards and dangers during this tour and in particular:
    1. That dune driving is dangerous.
    2. That immediate medical service is not available in the dunes.
    3. Medical service in outlying areas will be expensive and will take considerable time for medical services to reach a person in need of such medical services.
    4. That the recovery of a broken vehicle may not be possible in the dunes and if recovery is possible, that it would be expensive and that I will be responsible for all the costs of such a recovery.
    5. That I am aware of the potential dangers of exposure to the sun and elements, directly or indirectly, and that serious sunburn may result from unprotected exposure.

Furthermore, I, together with my heirs, executors or administrators hereby release TRAVEL UNCHARTED TOURS CC, its owners, officers, guides, servants, agents and representatives, from any duty of care towards me, in connection with my participation in this tour, and hereby indemnify, hold harmless and expressly exempt TRAVEL UNCHARTED TOURS CC, its owner, officers, guides, servants, agents and representatives from any liability for delay, inconvenience, accident, injury, illness or death to my person, loss or damage to my property arising from any cause whatsoever irrespective of whether such claim or claims arose as a result of the negligence of any person, or from any of the risks, dangers or hazards inherent to a tour.

I undertake to adhere to all reasonable and lawful instructions of the guides or their deputies and I acknowledge that the following instructions has been given and explained to me by the guides.

  1. I must always stay in the guide’s vehicle tracks except when instructed by the guide to deviate.
  2. I, and any passengers in my vehicle, must wear a safety belt at all times.
  3. I must ensure that equipment and luggage is fastened securely and that there are no loose articles either in or on my vehicle that may cause injury or damage.
  4. In the event of getting stuck, I understand that I accept total responsibility for the recovery. I may request the guides to assist. I have also been instructed to keep a safe distance from towropes, winch cables and other recovery equipment such as high-lift jacks. I must also ensure that all passengers and bystanders are well clear and safe from the vehicle prior to commencement of any recovery attempts.
  5. I must apply the handbrake, keep the vehicle in gear with the engine switched off and ensure that children are not left unattended in the vehicle at all times when getting out of my vehicle.
  6. I must always attempt to keep the vehicle ahead of me in sight and to maintain a safe following distance of approximately 50 metres. I must wait for the vehicle in front of me to clear an obstacle or dune before following.  I must make use of the radio supplied to me to determine whether the vehicle in front of me cleared the obstacle and whether it is safe for me to follow.  I must inform the vehicle behind me when I have cleared the obstacle.
  7. I understand that littering is an offence and fines may be imposed by Nature Conservation.

I acknowledge that I have read, and that I understand and accept the conditions above and that I voluntarily assume the risk and consequence inherent in taking part on this tour.